Frequently Asked Questions


How many people run this blog?
One person, just me. I tend to use the word “our” when writing about Fresh Dropped as it sounds more professional.

Why do you share the domain lists?
I share the lists because I love domaining and always look for available domains. I tend to find some nice domains, but because I have stopped buying domains I figured I’d share the domain lists on this blog. I also feel that this is my way of giving back to the domaining community, which has taught me so much over these past couple of years.

Where do you get the domains?
It’s a secret ;) I scan the daily drop lists based on a set of keywords that I have accumulated over the years, and I occasionally use other domain services as well.

How long does it take you to put together a list?
It depends, but anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

When do you usually post the available domains lists?
Sometime in-between 4 p.m. EST to 7 p.m. EST, with some exceptions.

Why are there days without any lists?
I do my best to post a list everyday, but sometimes I just don’t find the time to pick out the domains and post a list. I usually try to make up for it by posting a longer list the next day.

Does it cost you anything to run the blog?
Yes, I do pay for hosting and any domain services that I use.

How can I support Fresh Dropped?
Your support, which is highly appreciated, can be shown by making a donation, linking to this blog, tweeting and liking our lists, leaving comments on the daily lists, or simply spreading the word about Fresh Dropped.

How do I add my site to the Fresh Dropped directory?
Contact me via the contact form. A small donation in return for the addition of your site would be appreciated :)


Have any other questions? Ask me by sending me an email via the contact form.

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